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Local Guardian & Consultant is a Innovative & Unique Idea of Century Group. This Group is a Renowed Name in the field of Chemicals. Computer and Financial Activities from Fifteen years in the Area, with a Remarkable growth and Achievements to its Credits. By Virtue of Vision and Dynamic Leadership of Kamal Jain, First Class Science Post graduate & Master of Concept Selling Projects.

This Group Celebrating its Fifteenth Glorious Years of Excellency in Chemicals, Computer Softwares, & Financial Consultancy & the Legacy of Success with its Associates Chemical Engineers,Charterd Accontants,Mba's & Computer Engineers.

Local Guardian & Consultant is an Inspired Venture.Inspiration Comes From a Strong Desire to set a New Benchmark in each of the Ventutre. In this Venture We Facilitate the Students To Concentrate their Studies without Any Outside Disturbance.

Local Guardian Services are statutory services that offer information, advice and support for parents & Their ward .they will also be able to put parents in touch with training Institutes & other organisations. Local guardian also have a role in making sure that parent’s views are heard and understood and that these views inform all Coaching institute & Schools.

In Our Company Clients,Employees & Business Associates are Treated with  Respect & Honour and We Believes that These People are an Important & Essential Assets of Us Who Contributes a Major Role to Development and Growth of The Company.