The Local Guardian & Consultant

The Local Guardian & Consultant is one of the Best & alone resource at India’s most renowned  Education hub  Kota ,for all Engineering & medical  students from Various part of India and their family members. We facilitate the students to concentrate their studies without any disturbance.   
  Local Guardian & consultant Service assists with two offices near Coaching Center campus by providing their services in one centrally located office. This means that students and parents no longer need to go from one office to another to have their questions answered or services completed. They will find everything they need in one convenient office location.
Here is a list of the most essential services which should be utilized by students at here in Kota on their Room or Hostel and some Services by the parents at their home in anywhere in India about their wards.
However, regardless of the question asked, service needed, or information requested, our office will help students and parents in anyway possible. Our goal is to provide you with all the resources you need, in one spot, without transferring you around.

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